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This page list all weapons available on our TTT server.


Standard Weapons

These weapons are available to everyone and are found at random throughout the maps.

Weapon Name Slot Ammo Type Brief Description
Crowbar 1 - The starting weapon for all players. A melee weapon with short range and average firing speed, which does 20 base damage per hit. It also pushes people with the secondary fire button.
Pistol 2 9mm ammo This is the most common handgun in TTT, it's semi automatic and has a reasonably high rate of fire and low recoil. However it does less damage than other handguns and won't instantly kill with a headshot.
Deagle 2 .357 (red) This is the most powerful and accurate of the standard handguns, with the ability to instantly kill with a headshot. However, it is also the slowest firing and ammo can be hard to find on certain maps.
Glock 2 9mm ammo This is the only automatic handgun on our server. It does comparatively low damage, but its high rate of fire makes it highly effective at close range.
M16 3 9mm ammo As one of the slowest firing automatic weapons, the M16 excels at long medium to long range where other automatic weapons are inaccurate. It does high damage per hit.
MAC10 3 SMG ammo A fast firing SMG with medium damage and accuracy. This weapon is ideal for close combat, but becomes near useless at long range.
Shotgun 3 Buckshot This semi-automatic shotgun is best at close range, with the ability to instantly kill with a headshot (although this is unreliable and you should be prepared to take a second shot). As you would expect, it does much less damage after a short distance and is only really effective at close range.
Rifle (Scout) 3 .357 (rifle) The standard sniper rifle is the only standard scoped weapon. This combined with its high damage and accuracy make it one of the best long range weapons. However, its slow firing speed and the requirement for accuracy make it difficult to use in close quarters.
H.U.G.E-249 3 - The H.U.G.E is a rapid-firing machine gun with poor damage and accuracy. However, if you're close to somebody, this weapon is ideal for taking them out quickly.
Discombobulator 4 - This grenade blows away everyone in its vicinity, but without doing any damage.
Smoke Grenade 4 - This grenade creates a cloud of smoke after its detonation. Useful to create confusion, but not so much to provide cover due to its the small amount of smoke created.
Incendiary Grenade 4 - This grenades sets explodes into a ball of fire on detonation, which will last for around 10 seconds.
Magneto Stick 5 - This weapon allows you to push, pull, and most importantly, pick up objects. As a traitor you can also hang bodies with it.

Traitor Weapons/Tools

These weapons are available to traitors in the traitor menu. They are exchanged for one credit and are immediately obtained.

Weapon Name Slot Ammo Type Brief Description
Body Armor - - Passive effect, reduces all damage.
Radar - - Passive effect, every 30 seconds the location off all living players are show as circles on the Traitors HUD. The colour of the circle will indicate the type of player (Green, Blue, Red as Innocent, Detective, Traitor respectively) Circles will remain visible untill the next radar update when they will be moved to the players new location (or removed if the player has died).
Disguiser - - This is an activated effect which allows traitors to hide their name when aimed at by another player. When active anyone aiming at the traitor will not see the normal name, health and karma info that is normally displayed. Note: Being nameless will highlight you as a traitor, so this should only be used when you plan to escape and re-enable your name.
Knife 7 - This is a short range melee weapon with a high rate of fire, it will kill any player it hits instantly. However once it's hit a player you will lose the weapon. It can also be thrown with secondary fire (Default: Mouse 2), this gives it some range, but also means that if you miss you will have to go and retrieve the knife before you can use it again.

Note: using or holding a knife may get get you killed, even if you're innocent and it has been obtained from a dead traitor.

Flare Gun 7 - Primarily this weapon is used to dispose of incriminating bodies, when used it sets the body alight and after burning for a few seconds the body will disappear. It can also be used to set a player alight, doing a small amount of damage followed by a medium amount of burn damage and making it harder for the player to aim (due to fire effects on screen). It comes with 4 shots which cannot be reloaded, although another flare gun can be purchased.
Colt Python 2 .357 (red) A loud, slow, high power handgun. In essence a traitor only alternative to the deagle, this gun is best used for headshots.
C4 7 - This explosive can be attached to a surface or dropped, once placed the Traitor must set the time until it explodes. The longer the timer the harder to defuse the C4 becomes, when defusing a C4 the player is given the option of six wires, depending on the time delay a different proportion of wires will cause the bomb to explode rather than disarm, instantly killing the defuser.

Once disarmed there's an option for the player to destroy the C4 to prevent it being re-armed.

Radio - - This item is placed somewhere on the map, and allows the Traitor to play sounds such as gunfire, C4 beeps and screaming. This is usually used to lure players into a trap, or distract them away from an area where Traitors are.
Newton Launcher 8 - This item is used to cause players environmental damage, when hit a play will fly in the direction of the shot, often landing in a hazard (e.g. The water on dm_Island) or falling to their death.
Sticky Bomb 7 - This small explosive is placed on a player by the traitor, then detonated killing the player and causing area damage to everyone nearby. This is a risky weapon as people can see the sticky bomb in your hand and if spotted, you may be killed before you have time to plant it and run away. It may also cause damage to fellow Traitors, so it is normal to tell your fellows when you're detonating.
Silenced Pistol 7 9mm ammo Similar to the standard pistol, but this is almost completely silenced, making it idea for killing people without drawing attention from others.
Tripwire Mine - - This is an explosive that the traitor places on a surface, after a few seconds it will emit a laser. If the laser is broken the mine will explode, doing high damage to anyone near it. Note: The mine can also be set off by props or by being shot.
Decoy 8 - This item is used to counter the Detectives DNA scanner, once placed allow scans (DNA/Radar) that would normally lead to the traitor now lead the the decoy. The decoy can be destroyed once found, causing the scans to point back at the Traitor.
Teleporter 8 - This is a transportation item, the owner can set their current location, then use the teleporter to go back to that location at any time. This item has limited uses, but it is unlikely they would be used up.
Silenced Sniper 3 - This sniper is incredibly quite, making it very difficult for the target to locate their attacker. However it also has a laser dot, so remaining scoped for long periods may give you away to the target.
Poltergeist 8 - This weapon is used on props, attaching a small device which explodes at regular intervals causing them to fly in random directions. In an enclosed area this weapon can do very high damage and may even prop kill the target.
Radio Jammer - - When placed, stops all communication (chat, voicechat, quickchat) for 30 seconds or until destroyed. Also emits a loud noise to make it easier to find.
Jihad - - Allows you to blow yourself up, damaging and possibly killing people in your vicinity.

Detective Weapons/Tools

These weapons are available to detectives in the equipment menu. They are exchanged for one credit and are immediately obtained.

Weapon Name Slot Ammo Type Brief Description
DNA Scanner 9 - This is a very powerful tool which allows the user to collect DNA from bodies (The killers DNA) and weapons (Everyone who's held the weapon). The scanner then periodically displays the location of the person to whom the DNA belongs, the rate at which the scanner charges is proportional to the distance from the target.
UMP 7 SMG ammo This is a reasonably standard SMG apart from it's ability to "shock" the target. Every few hits with the gun will result in the targets aim jumping in a random direction, thus making it hard for them to fight back.
Running Shoes 8 - When equipped and activated these allow the user to run faster for a limited time, the charge with return over time and can be used unlimited times. This takes the appearance of a crowbar when in use or dropped.
Radar - - Every 30 seconds this passive item will display to locations of all live players with green circles on the users HUD. These will remain in position until they are updated on the next radar refresh. (Note: Radars can be fooled with certain traitor items)
Health Station 7 - An entity which can be place and allows players to heal when holding their "use" key on it (Default "E") The entity has a charge which goes down as the health is taken, the charge regenerates over time.
Visualiser 7 - When placed near a body, this displays a hologram of the killer and victim, with the kill shots trajectory displayed. It's main use is finding snipers, but it can also be useful in other situations.
Defuser 8 - This can be used to instantly disarm C4 explosives without the risk of setting them off.
Rubber Boots - - Passive effect, reduces fall damage by 75%.
Flak Jacket - - Passive effect, reduces explosion damage by 50%.
Riot Shield - - Gives you an equippable shield that deflects bullet damage.
Radio Frequency 42Hz - - Counters the effects of the Radio Jammer (traitor weapon). Allows you to speak even when the jammer is active.

Point Shop Weapons/Tools

These weapons are available to everyone via the VIP menu (F2), but have to be traded for points.

Weapon Name Slot Ammo Type Brief Description
Cloaker 2 - This tool makes you almost transparant. Has a small charge.
Melon Launcher 8 - A fun weapon which fires a melon which disintegrates on impact, doing no damage.
Nyan Rainbow 8 - A fun weapon which fires a number of cans with rainbow-colored trails, doing no damage.
G3 3 9mm ammo A semi-automatic weapon with high damage and high accuracy. Good for mid-range.
Heavy Shotgun 3 Buckshot This is a modified version of the standard shotgun. It does significant more damage and is more accurate than the standard shotgun, but has a very low rate of fire.
Katana 3 - This melee weapon has a long range (for a melee weapon), a fast attack speed and high damage. However it can be difficult to aim and of course, leaves you defenceless at range.
M4A1 3 9mm ammo <Not written yet>
MP5 3 9mm ammo <Not written yet>
MP7 3 SMG ammo <Not written yet>
P90 3 SMG ammo This powerful SMG is one of the fastest firing weapons in TTT. It does high damage per second with reasonable accuracy, but is hard to control at range due to its high recoil.
P99 2 9mm ammo A semi-automatic pistol, dealing fair damage with fair accuracy.
Vox Tactical 3 .357 (rifle) A semi-automatic sniper rifle with a short delay, allowing you to fire it in rapid succession.
Tommy Gun - - A powerful gun with high recoil and good damage. Use it up close!
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